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Mineral Concealer 5ml


Burseth Brothers Mineral Concealer 5ml


Concealer that imperfection. Hide the redness. Neutralize life’s little imperfections for a flawless complexion with our Mineral Concealer. Pink, Neutral, Green, and yellow. Product instructions: Pat a small amount of concealer to desired area followed by Beauty with Benefits Mineral Liquid Foundation Neutral Mineral Concealer: This is a flattering neutral color for most skin types. Our Neutral Mineral Concealer is a multi-purpose color that neutralizes blemishes, redness, dark circles, age spots, and imperfections. Green Mineral Concealer: The Green Mineral Concealer will cover up acne blemishes, emerging imperfections, neutralize red tones, and rosacea. Pink Mineral Concealer: Pink Mineral Concealer covers under eye dark circles and sallow skin. It is great for age spots on bronze skin tones. Yellow Mineral Concealer The Yellow Mineral Concealer will hide bluish/red areas such as under-eye dark circles and red areas.

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